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Two Wives and A Spark

Oct 26, 2021

Hey y'all. It's Lia and Rachel from Two Wives And A SPARK, and we're back and excited to kick off Season 2!

So much has happened since we left off, and this season is coming with lots of growth, newness, and excitement. We want to give you a little glimpse of what you can expect from this season. The theme for Season 2 is Growing through Change. We are going to talk about what growth and change have looked like for us through two lenses: as an interracial couple, and professionally through our as individuals who do equity and anti-racism work professionally.

We're going to talk about the conditions that have helped us grow together (across our differences) and we're also going to have some real talk about the struggles, pitfalls, and challenges that have come with growth.  

We look forward to sharing with you next week. Until then, we are sending you love and light.