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Two Wives and A Spark

Nov 2, 2021

Welcome to Episode 9 of Two Wives And A SPARK! We kick off today’s episode with some really exciting news. Our theme for this season is “Growing Through Change,” and we are truly living this every day both in our personal and professional lives. Personally we are excited to share that we are growing our family! Tune in to today’s episode as we share and discuss: 

  • How growing our family has taught us about the power of time and space 
  • The impact of growth and change when you are ready to “do the work” vs. when it is forced upon you
  • Navigating the world around you when growth and change opportunities come


Questions to reflect on: 

  • How have you grown or changed this past year? 
  • What have you learned about the time and space necessary for growth in your life? 
  • How have you been stretched--personally and/or professionally--this past year? 


What did this episode spark for you? Let us know, even if your thoughts are half-baked, we’d love to hear!


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