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Two Wives and A Spark

Jun 1, 2021

Incubate [my thoughts] in the womb of my mind before I birth them through the canal of my mouth. Once a thought is birthed, you can’t retract it” - Bishop T.D. Jakes

Thank you for joining us for another episode of Two Wives and A SPARK! Today we discuss the importance of taking necessary pauses in this work. We process out-loud and share some real-time reflections about some recent resistance we’ve felt and what it has taught us the past few weeks. 

We also talk about the fact that sometimes we may have many great plans, but when something is out of alignment, it is on us to listen to and learn from that resistance as a teacher. Sometimes staying unattached to plans is the best thing we can do in this work. When we learn to shift when needed and trust the process (not rushing it), we become more agile, aligned, and adaptive--three important skills in this work. 

We invite you to join us in exploring what it will take to move toward racial equity, racial justice, and racial harmony together.


As a reminder here’s the S.P.A.R.K. acronym:

  • Show up authentically 
  • Pause and listen
  • Ask; do not assume
  • Respect diversity
  • Kindly expect conflict and messiness 


Here are some reflection questions as food for thought this week: 

  • Where are you feeling the need for a pause or a shift right now?
  • Where are you noticing some resistance in your work? 
  • What might that resistance be trying to tell you?
  • Have you ever felt attached to plans and had to learn (for better or worse) to let go? 
  • What was that like for you and what did you learn about yourself?
  • What connections do you have to this episode? 




If you’re curious, here’s more information on S.P.A.R.K. products and services.

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