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Two Wives and A Spark

May 18, 2021

Communication works for those who work at it.” John Powell

Welcome to another episode of Two Wives and A SPARK! As a continuation of the previous episodes, today we will be talking about communication, engagement, and showing up.

To build habits, consistent work and practice are essential. When we learn how to communicate with each other across racial differences and enter each other's spaces in new ways, we learn that discomfort almost always accompanies growth.

Showing up for racial justice and racial equity requires that we are constantly mindful of all the micro-spaces and micro-steps. And that takes work. We will also be talking about how the creation of S.P.A.R.K. led to a lot of insights on the importance of showing up with intentionality, as well as some experiences we shared in our relationship that led us to share spaces and conversations with each other. 

Join us on this episode and explore what it will take to get toward racial equity, racial justice, and racial harmony together.

If you’re curious, here’s more information on S.P.A.R.K. products and services


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S.P.A.R.K. acronym:

  • Show up authentically 
  • Pause and listen
  • Ask; do not assume
  • Respect diversity
  • Kindly expect conflict and messiness 


Here are some reflection questions as food for thought this week: 

  • Do you recall a time recently when you were in the racial minority? If so, what was it like for you? What did you notice about how it impacted how you showed up? What were your microsteps and missteps (if any)? 
  • What have you noticed about how you show up in interracial spaces and in conversations about race? 
  • What connections do you have to this episode?