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Two Wives and A Spark

Nov 23, 2021

Welcome to Episode 12 of Two Wives And A SPARK! Today’s episode is about making the invisible visible. We talk through what it’s been like for us to navigate the journey of making our internal experiences externally seen and known. 

Tune in as we discuss: 

  • The invisible layers we have had to navigate on our pregnancy journey
  • The journey of starting SPARK and the behind-the-scenes layers most people don’t know about
  • Reconciling the fact that no one will ever know what it's truly like to be in our shoes but sharing anyway because growth can’t happen without vulnerability
  • The importance of saying things out loud and processing in community to make space for the growth


We invite you to reflect on these questions with us: 

  • When has growing and sharing with others been vulnerable for you? 
  • What will keep you inspired, encouraged, and engaged to keep growing? 
  • What keeps you on the growth journey when it comes to conversations about race?  


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