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Two Wives and A Spark

Nov 16, 2021

Welcome to Episode 11 of Two Wives And A SPARK! On today’s episode, we are continuing our discussion about growth and talking about the necessity of shedding old layers. 

As we grow and transform, oftentimes we begin to see things differently. We may notice the people around us and our relationships in a different light, and this can be an adjustment. While sometimes difficult to experience and process, this “shedding of layers” is absolutely necessary for growth. 

Listen-in as we discuss: 

  • Boundaries as a form of energy protection in growth
  • The role of grief and acceptance as we shed layers of ourselves or versions of past relationships
  • Creating and shedding habits throughout the growth process
  • Our own personal growth throughout our fertility journey


We invite you to reflect on these questions with us: 

  • What do you find yourself trying to let go of that keeps sticking around? 
  • What habits have you tried to change to help yourself grow? 
  • What dynamics are you wanting to shed at this phase of your life?


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