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Two Wives and A Spark

Mar 7, 2023

Welcome to Episode 23 of Two Wives and A SPARK! We had such a powerful conversation with Cara Cochran and are thrilled to share it with you this week.


Cara is an LGBTQ+ Lifestyle and Family Creator. She has a partner, who's also named Cara, and together they have a beautiful, 10-year-old daughter named Myla! Cara came out later in life, so they are actually a blended two-mom family, and it all came together so incredibly well. 


Cara believes in visibility, and most importantly representation. As a same-sex parent, her platform is one that promotes equality and encourages her followers to live authentically, loving themselves and others. She offers both support and community with her message, "There is no greater time than the present to embrace who you are, fully and unapologetically."


Listen in as we share and discuss:

  • The complexities of raising a biracial child in the south

  • The importance of vulnerability and visibility for all parents

  • What she wants all parents to remember and know

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